Once I’ve started to get with getting on the Cinco de Mayo train, I’m just unable to stop. I began with some delicious Cheesy Scallion and Jalapenos Stuffed earlier in the day. I made an entire Enchilada and this delightful (and easy) warm Corn with Avocado Salad. This salad is a perfect light and fresh accompaniment for enchiladas, Chipotle Lime Chicken and Rice, Cilantro Lime Chicken and Rice, or a topping in tacos. It’s delicious, warm once freshly made, and cold when you’ve made it in advance. What about the avocado? Don’t worry. The lime juice keeps it looking bright and fresh!


2 Tbsp of cooking oil ($0.08)

One lb. frozen corn kernels, thawed and frozen ($1.45)

Salt and Pepper to your taste ( $0.05)

1/4 TSP cumin ($0.03)

1/4 onion red ($0.15)

One avocado ( $0.69)

1/4 bunch cilantro ( $0.20)

One lime ( $0.50)


It is essential to allow the corn to defrost thoroughly. Cook the cooking oil in a large pan at medium-high temperature. When the oil is sparkling and hot, add the corn that has been thawed and cook until the corn is caramelized and brown. Take the cooked corn out of the pan and place into a bowl. Sprinkle with salt pepper, a pinch of salt, and 1/4 teaspoon cumin. Let the corn cool a bit.

While the corn is cooling, prepare the other vegetables. Finely chop the onion red, then roughly dice the cilantro and cut the avocado. Add the cilantro, onion, and avocado into the bowl along with the corn. Stir briefly.

Juice half of the lime on the salad, stir, and then taste. Add salt or lime juice according to your preference. Serve immediately or refrigerate until you are ready to serve.