I’m attempting to work through a massive container of spinach before it starts to wilt, so today, I mixed a lot of it in an easy salad that included orzo and the sun-dried tomato (another food item I’m trying to make use of) as well as some leftover feta I’ve kept inside the freezer. I finished it with a simple homemade balsamic vinegar. I adore super easy salads like the one below. Spinach or Orzo Salad. This is, for me, an excellent light lunch option. However, you can serve it with some of your grilling during summer!



One cup of olive oil ($0.52)

2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar ($0.22)

One clove of minced garlic ($0.08)

1 tsp Dijon mustard ($0.03)

Salt and pepper according to your preference ($0.03)


1/2 lb orzo ($0.50)

4 cups fresh baby spinach ($1.50)

1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes ($1.50)

2 oz feta ($1.12)


The vinaigrette must be prepared first so that the flavors have time to mix. Include the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, minced garlic Dijon, roughly 1/4 tsp salt, and a little freshly cracked pepper into a jar or bowl. Stir until the ingredients are mixed, place a lid over the pot, and shake for 10-15 seconds. Put the dressing aside.

Bring the water in a pot to a simmer to prepare the rice. After boiling the water, add the orzo, and allow it to simmer until the orzo is tender. Remove the orzo from the pot and let it cool slightly.

Cut the sun-dried tomatoes into smaller pieces while you wait for the orzo to cook. Please put them in the bowl and cover them with boiling water (I used a spoon from the pot before adding pasta). Let the sun-dried tomatoes sit in the hot water for around five minutes. Drain them.

The baby spinach should be placed in a bowl of a large size. Add the rinsed and warm orzo into the bowl, sun-dried tomatoes, and crumbled pieces of feta cheese. Pour the balsamic vinaigrette on the top and stir until the ingredients are mixed and coated in vinaigrette. Serve immediately or keep refrigerated until you’re ready to eat.

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