I know that I am a fan of Sausage. Particularly smoking sausage. It’s bursting with SO A LOT of flavors that you don’t need to cook anything to create an incredible meal. This is why sausage kebabs are so simple to make, delicious, and an ideal summertime snack. They’re just as extravagant as eating out and are much less expensive. If you don’t have a grill at home, you can still cook them with the grill pan or the oven’s Broiler!


This recipe is so easy, and you’ll love it! All you have to do is buy a few essential ingredients at the market for these fantastic Kebabs:

Smoked Sausage The Sausage provides the the most flavor to this event with tits spices and herbs and a delicious smoky taste. You can make this with any smoked Sausage you like. Beef sausages, pork sausages, turkey sausage, andouille sausage kie,lbasa, or whatever you prefer!

Vegetables: My preference is to opt for an array of colors to make kebabs look appealing. However, if you operate with a limited budget, you could stick with red onions and bell peppers. It’s still going to taste delicious!

Spices and oil: A simple mix of garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper provides an attractive, lightly flavored coating on the kebabs. The oil aids in the sticking of the spices and stops everything from drying off on the grill.

BBQ Sauce The final coating of BBQ sauce makes the kebabs deliciously sweet and tangy sauce that’s to die for! You can choose any flavor of BBQ sauce you like. I prefer the hickory smoke or the spicy BBQ.


The sausage kebabs are ideal to throw on the grill. However, if you don’t have a grill, you can cook them without issue using the oven’s broiler or grill pan placed on the stovetop. The oven’s Broiler is like a grill in that it can provide an extremely high temperature close to the grill. If you own a gas stove, it’s more similar to the open flame on the grill.

To use a broiler: The oven’s rack should be adjusted until 5-6 inches from the grill. The Broiler should be turned on too high. Set a cooling rack made of wire on a baking tray, and then put the Kebabs onto the frame. Transfer the kebabs to an oven and cook them under the Broiler, observing until they’re slightly charred on the top. Flip them over and apply an even coating of BBQ sauce on those cooked. Continue cooking on the other side, flipping, and then use BBQ sauce until the sides are all charred covered in BBQ sauce and the barbecue sauce slightly caramelized.

To utilize a grill pan, Grill pan on medium-high heat. Be sure to allow the pan to heat up for around 10 minutes. Put the kebabs on the grill and cook until charred to one side. Flip them over and apply lightly with BBQ sauce on cooking side. C continues cooking on the other side, flipping, and then painting with BBQ sauce until the sides are all charred and coated with BBQ sauce and the barbecue sauce browned a little.


14 oz. Smoked sausage ($4.29)

One onion red ($0.43)

Three bell peppers (any color) ($3.77)

Two tablespoons cooking oil ($0.08)

1 tsp smoked paprika ($0.10)

1/2 1 tsp ground garlic ($0.05)

1/4 tsp salt ($0.02)

1/4 tsp freshly cracked pepper ($0.02)

1/2 cup BBQ sauce ($0.33)


Cut your Sausage into 1/2-inch rounds. Chop the onion and bell peppers into 1-inch slices.

Place the vegetables and Sausage in an enormous bowl. Pour the cooking oil over the top. Mix the smoked paprika, salt, garlic powder, and pepper in a bowl. Then, sprinkle the mixture over the cooked Sausage and veggies.

Mix the Sausage and veggies until coated with the oil and spices.

Create the kebabs by skewering vegetables and Sausage in alternating order. It should yield about eight kebabs based on how big the skewers you use and vegetables.

Cook the kebabs on an open flame, on an iron pan (preheated at a medium-high temperature) or in the Broi; ler in your oven (about 5-6 inches away from to the oven’s Bler) till the kebabs appear slightly burned on the other side.

Turn the kebabs over and cook until charred on a third side. Apply a thin layer of BBQ sauce on the side that is already charcoal-grilled. Continue cooking, then turn and brush on the BBQ sauce to ensure that the kebabs have been charred on all sides and the BBQ sauce is lightly caramelized. Serve hot, and take your time!

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