Deal Management Platform

The Cheersy Management Platform makes it easy to upload and monitor deals for your own business. Create enticing deals and watch as both local foot traffic and customers from the other side of the city flock to your venue.

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  • Upload Deals

    Define your deal's details and upload artwork and flyers, or choose from Cheersy’s stunning stock photo catalog.

  • Flexible Conditions

    Specify the exact conditions that apply to your deal, from reoccurring weekly deals to one off specials with strict time limits.

  • Real-Time

    Deals are published across all mediums in real time, allowing you to put on a special and attract new customers at any time of the day.

  • Analytics

    See deep insights into your deals, including impressions, clicks, dwell time, feedback, social media shares and more.

  • A/B Testing

    Create multiple versions of the same deal and see which performs better.

  • Social Media Integration

    Define your deals in one place and have them published across all your social media platforms.


100% free! We have a range of premium offerings coming soon, but promise to always provide a free option. Plus, sign up now and we'll give you 1 month free access to our premium plans once launched!

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