Okay, I realize that the Mango Coconut Chia pudding isn’t quite unusual for me, as I’m not usually opposed to healthy food trends; however, let me tell you why. I am obsessed with food that I see at cafes and restaurants, and thinking about the cost of cooking this at home. We were in Tennessee this past week and visited a cafe to get coffee before our long journey home. When I was searching for something to make for breakfast and then take to the car for lunch, I came across a couple of tiny cups of Chia Pudding; when I refer to “tiny,” I mean TINY.

I can’t find any price for the chia cups. However, I don’t doubt they were $3 (is any item at a coffee shop cheaper than $3? lol). I needed to create this at home because chia pudding is generally just chia seeds mixed in a tasty liquid. And did you know? I’m thrilled I made it! My Mango Coconut Chia Pudding that I prepared is simply delicious with less than $1.50 per serving and two ounces more than the cups available in the cafe! They’re fresh, light full of flavor, and not too sweet. I enjoy them for breakfast or as a snack and am eager to discover different flavors!


If you’re unaware of Chia seeds, they’re tiny seeds full of soluble fiber. They form a gel when they are mixed with liquid. It’s like tapioca balls with a crunchy center. They’re fascinating and enjoyable to take in! Regarding health benefits, people love Chia due to its high levels of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients. I like them mainly because they’re delicious to consume. 😉 You can find them in health food stores. And if you don’t plan on using them frequently, I would suggest looking through the bulk bins to ensure you can purchase only the required quantity.


1/2 lb. frozen mango chunks* ($1.65)

1 13oz. coconut milk in a lite can ($2.19)

1 tsp sugar ($0.02)

6 Tbsp chia seeds ($0.93)


If mango pieces are large, cut them into smaller pieces of 1/4-inch size. Place the mango chunks, coconut milk, and sugar inside a mixer, and blend until smooth.

Split the mango chunks into four smaller containers (10-12oz. containers). In each container, add 1.5 teaspoons of Chia seeds. After that, put in the coconut-mango mixture, and divide equally between the four containers.

Mix in the liquid contents to ensure the chia seeds have sufficient access to the liquid. Put lids on the containers and chill overnight or for 4-5 days.