Noodle soup is the last thing I want to eat. The broth and the spices that accompany it make a good noodle soup. Eating a bowl of noodle soup will always satisfy no matter how hot or cold the day. Noodles have become an urban staple in Nepal. Thukpa (noodle soup), and Chowmein, both Chinese-derived noodles, are more popular. Sherpa’s Shyakpa is a traditional hand-pulled wheat flour soup with dried meat and vegetables. Thakali’s Aalangkhu is a handmade buckwheat soup with peas and potato curry. Tibetan Thuk is similar to Shyakpa but with minced beef. There are many types of noodle broths available in Nepal.

Noyoz, Baluwataar

It is one of the most underrated restaurants in town but my favorite. They serve Rai and Limbu food and are well-known for their pork dishes. Thukpa is made with good broth and chunks from the local black pig ( Kalo Sungur). You can also try their keema noodles, which are a little fattier but still delicious.

Eastern-flavoured Thukpa at Noyoz, Baluwataar

Himalayan Sherpa Food House, Boudha

This hidden gem is Boudha’s best-kept secret. It serves traditional Sherpa cuisine. Shyakpa, or Thenthuk to Tibetans, is made with hand-pulled noodles. Thukpa and Shyakpa are easy but delicious to eat. To add even more flavor, sprinkle some chili sauce and sichuan pepper.

Thukpa at Himalayan Sherpa Food House, Boudha

Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory, Boudha

They offer more than chowmein and Thukpa noodles. The noodles are more Sichuan Dan-dan mian and come with minced meat. This is Kathmandu’s most loved noodle restaurant. Their noodles are made in-house.

Sichuan dan-dan main noodle dish at Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory, Boudha

Little Tibet. Thamel

Little Tibet, a newly opened restaurant, is located in the busy streets of Thamel. It offers a Nepali, Bhutani, and Tibetan menu. Their gyathuk (or Thukpa) has clear, delicious broth and meat pieces that are a bit chewy.

Solu Sherpa Khaja Ghar, Patan

It is located in Mangal bazaar (Patan) and is very popular. It is a bone-based broth that tastes delicious. You can add a variety of condiments to enhance the Thukpa flavour, including garlic-water and chilli-vinegar. It is important to maintain hygiene.