Are you stuck in stuck in a rut? Are you cooking the same boring chicken breast week in and week out? Yes, you have to make these Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken ASAP. It’s sweet hot, tart, and spicy and comes with a beautiful pan sauce that will be a must to pour all over your plate! This recipe is quick and delicious; I’m sure it’ll be part of your routine.


This skillet cooking method calls for thin pieces of chicken that cook quickly, such as skinless, boneless chicken breasts (cut into smaller pieces), tenders for chicken or chicken breasts sliced thinly, and chicken legs. The method described isn’t recommended for chickens with bones.


Nope! Although I did garnish this dish with freshly cut lemons (I had leftover lemon slices from an earlier container), You don’t require fresh lemons to cook this lemon pepper chicken! The lemony taste comes from the strong flavor of the lemon pepper. The small quantity of lemon juice added to the sauce may be preserved in bottles.


The flavoring of the lemon pepper I use to spice this recipe is a blend of lemon zest and pepper, citric acid, and salt. Major brands of spices within the U.S. as well as the majority of generic store brands, create the lemon pepper spice themselves. Hence, it’s likely to be a breeze to locate in almost any supermarket within the U.S. If you cannot get lemon peppers at the local grocery store, there are a lot of recipes on the internet for making homemade lemon pepper spice.

Be sure to verify whether the lemon pepper seasoning is salt-free. If not, you might require adding more salt to the dish below.


I went all out with lemons. I served the Lemon Pepper Chicken with Lemon Parsley Pasta; however, it is also delicious with sauteed vegetables, summer Vegetable Pasta Salad and Roasted Broccoli. Lemon garlic roasted Asparagus, Spinach Rice, Feta, Spanish Chickpeas and Rice, and Pasta Primavera.


Two skinless, bone-free chicken breasts (about 1.3 pounds. total) ($6.79)

2 Tbsp all-purpose flour ($0.02)

1 Tbsp Lemon Pepper spice ($0.30)

One tablespoon of cooking oil ($0.04)

One clove of minced garlic ($0.08)

1/2 cup chicken broth ($0.07)

1 Tbsp of butter ($0.14)

One teaspoon of lemon juice ($0.02)

1 Tbsp fresh chopped parsley (optional) ($0.10)

1/8 TSP fresh cracked black pepper ($0.02)


Make use of a sharp knife to gently fill the chicken breasts with two smaller pieces (or make use of chicken breasts cut thinly).

Mix your flour with lemon pepper in the bowl. Sprinkle the mixture on the chicken’s breast pieces, and rub it into the chicken to ensure that the chicken parts are thoroughly coated.

The cooking oil should be heated in a large, heavy-duty skillet on medium. Once the oil and skillet are hot, add the chicken and cook until each side is golden (about 5 minutes). Transfer the chicken that has been cooked onto a clean plate, then cover it to keep warm.

Add the minced garlic and butter to the skillet, and cook for around one minute.

Pour the chicken broth into the skillet, whisking it to dissolve all the brown pieces that have accumulated in the base of the pan. Incorporate the juice of a lemon, and let the sauce simmer in the pan for about 3 minutes or until it has cooled to a slight degree. The sauce should be tasted, and you can add salt if necessary (I didn’t use any).

Then bring the chicken back to the skillet, and pour the sauce on top. Let the chicken heat to a simmer. Add some freshly cracked pepper and freshly cut parsley (optional) before serving.