If there’s ever an item that was more in comparison to its components, it is this sweet and buttery potato casserole. It’s an absolute breeze to make and is sure to be the a-list item of your dining table! If you’re unfamiliar with sweet potato casserole, this is typically a southern-style dish usually served on special occasions or holidays.


When picking sweet potatoes, choose more minor to medium-sized ones. They tend to be more nutrient-rich, have soft skin, and are characterized by more distinct flavors. Also, ensure they’re firm and have smooth skin with no wrinkles or weak spots, indicating they’re not old. (Ugh. This is like a paragraph in an outdated handbook from the 50s on how to choose a wife.)


You can prepare sweet potato casserole in advance. When ready to bake the dish, the toppings can be added since refrigerating or freezing for extended periods will alter their texture. The soup can be refrigerated using a plastic sheet directly on top, and the sweet potato is mashed for up to five days. The plastic prevents the formation of skin and also stops condensation from getting through the food.

You can store the sweet potato casserole for as long as three months. Line the dish with aluminum foil to stretch six inches to the casserole dish’s sides. The sweet potato filling is added and then covered with aluminum foil. The casserole is then frozen inside the container. After it has cooled, you can open the aluminum to pull the soup from the word. The soup should be wrapped in aluminum and then in another poly sheet. Please keep it in an airtight, freezer-safe container. It is then thawed in the refrigerator overnight before topping off with marshmallows or pecan streusel before baking it.


4 lbs sweet potatoes ($3.96)

Half Cup brown sugar ($0.23)

4. Tbsp of salted butter ($0.38)

1/3 cup thick cream ($0.55)

1/2 tsp salt ($0.01)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract ($0.29)

1 pinch nutmeg ($0.01)

1/4 tsp cinnamon ($0.01)

2 cups mini marshmallows* ($0.50)


Set up a rack in the central part of your oven, and heat the oven to 350oF. Grease a 3-quart casserole dish by spreading butter. Set an enormous pot of water at a high temperature. Peel and chop sweet potatoes. Please put them in the bank when it has begun to simmer.

Once the sweet potatoes are tender, take them off, drain them, and add them to an enormous bowl. Mash them until smooth.

Add salted butter and brown sugar in a medium-sized, heavy-bottom pan on medium-high heat. Stir until caramel-like peaks form.

Incorporate the cream and mix to combine.

Add the vanilla, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the caramel and whisk until it is incorporated.

Mix the caramel in the mash, and then pour the mash into the prepared casserole dish. Smooth the top using the spatula.

The casserole can be topped with two mini marshmallow cups, depending on your preference. *

Cook the dish at 350oF until marshmallows are golden, which takes about 20 minutes.

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