It’s everything I love all in one spot: eggs, chips, salsa, cheese and cilantro. Also, black beans as well! I’ll eat this daily for the duration of my life; then I’ll have it straight.

This incredibly quick Southwest Breakfast Scramble is reminiscent of migas, thanks to tortilla strips. However, I added everything I enjoy the most. It’s delicious and filling… And is it really a matter of preference whether you’re eating it as breakfast, lunch, or even dinner? I’m sure I’ll bring it to work on Monday for lunch.

I’ll use the microwave to warm up my leftovers. It’ll indeed alter the texture (the eggs will become firmer, and the tortilla strips will become softer); however, that’s what bits are. It’s not the same, but it’s still delicious!

P.S. If you’re not a fan of cilantro, try a slice of green onions instead. They’re not similar in taste to each other; however, it’s nice to include something fresh and green to add a bit of contrast.


Six large eggs ($1.35)

1 Tbsp Butter ($0.15)

1 15oz. Can black beans ($1.19)

2-3 cups tortilla strips ($0.63)

1 cup of salsa ($0.99)

1 cup of cheese that has been shredded ($1.20)

One handful fresh cilantro ($0.17)

Salt and pepper as desired ($0.05)


Remove the black beans and wash them with water for a few seconds. Allow them to drain while you make the remaining. Place six eggs inside a big bowl and gently whisk them. Make two tablespoons of butter into a huge pan at a medium-low temperature.

When the butter has melted, pour eggs over the top of the stove. Allow them to cook slowly at moderately low temperatures. When the bottom layer starts to become firm, using a spatula, move the edges of the outside toward the center, permitting the egg that is not cooked to drain back into the space. Continue moving eggs around in the skillet until they’re about 75 percent set. They will proceed cooking as you add additional ingredients, which is why you don’t need to cook them too long during this process. Add salt and pepper if you like.

Add the rinsed beans as well as 3-4 pieces of tortilla into the skillet. Fold them gently into eggs, breaking up each tortilla strip into pieces while you move. Sprinkle one cup of salsa on top of the eggs. Then sprinkle a cup of shredded cheese on the top.

Cover the skillet and increase the heat to medium. The skillet will be heated for 5 minutes or until the skillet is fully heated. While the skillet is heating, remove the cilantro leaves from the stalks. Please give them a rough chop. Lift the lid off and gently fold the ingredients into the skillet so that the cheese is blended in and then melts a little. Sprinkle the cilantro on the top to serve it hot.