Every year around this time, I see gorgeous images of old-fashioned galettes appearing all over the world of digital food. Their frank, simple, and elegant shape is ideal for showing off summer fruit’s fresh tastes. There is no need to dress the galette with sugar; let the fresh fruit take care of the work. Want to know a secret? It is possible to make fantastic galettes any time of the year with frozen fruit like the one below. Blueberry Cream Cheese Galette!


The galette can be described as a simple formless (no pan) tart or pie with either sweet or savory ingredients. They’re simple, have simple fillings, and don’t need fancy baking equipment, making the perfect pie for those just starting.


The Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Galette is not extremely sweet. I prefer fattier flavors over sweet desserts, so I trimmed down the amount of sugar. If you like a lot of sweetness, increase the sugar in the dough and creamy cheese mix.



1.5 cups flour (plus some for dusting) ($0.09)

1 teaspoon sugar($0.02)

Pinch salt ($0.01)

8 TBSP cold butter ($1.07)

3 TBSP Ice water ($0.00)


1/2 lb. blueberries (frozen or fresh) ($1.80)

1 Tbsp sugar ($0.02)

One teaspoon of cornstarch ($0.02)

One fresh lemon ($0.75)


4 oz cream cheese, room temperature ($0.75)

2 tsp sugar ($0.04)

One egg large, separate ($0.26)


Mix the sugar, flour, and salt in an enormous bowl to make the galette crust. Cut the butter into chunks, then mix it with the salt and flour. Make use of a pastry cutter or your hands to incorporate it into flour till it appears as if it is damp sand. Add small chunks of butter.

Add ice water and one tablespoon at a stretch until a dough begins to form and there’s no dry flour on the bowl’s floor. Form the dough into a flat disc,t with plastic and chi, ll for one hour or until firm.

When the dough has finished cooling, combine blueberries, cornstarch, and sugar. Add 1/2 teaspoon of zest and 1 Tbsp juice of the lemon. Mix them well and put the mixture aside.

Mix the cream cheese at room temperature with eggs, sugar, and one tablespoon juice of lemons in a separate bowl until the mixture is even. Use the egg white to paint over the crust before baking.

The oven should be preheated to 400oF. Lightly dust a clean work surface. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and then roll the dough into a 14-16″ circle. The dough could appear to be a bit stiff at first, but it will get more pliable when it becomes warmer. Ensure that your work surface is covered in flour while you roll out the dough to prevent your dough from sticking.

Prepare a baking sheet large enough with parchment. Place the dough on the paper (you can make it roll out or fold it to transfer it without ripping). Place the mixture of cream cheese in the middle of the circular area, leaving approximately 2 inches of dough bare around the outside. I like going a larger “lip” on the outer edge of the cream cheese to assist in holding in the juice of the berries and the berries.

The blueberries should be stirred one last time before pouring into the cream cheese incorporating all the juice left in the bowl. Begin to fold the edges of the dough and place them over it, alternating with the cream cheese blueberries while leaving the center of the dough open.

Whisk the egg white you saved with a fork. Add just a few drops of water to increase the fluidity. Spread the egg white across all the dough’s surfaces.

The galette is baked for 30 minutes to ensure the cake turns golden brown. Allow the galette to cool for 10 minutes before cutting the galette into six pieces before serving.