If you’ve been around Budget Bytes for a while, you may already know how eggs and Hummus go together. If Hummus is not, you should take this Hummus Breakfast Taco be your introduction. These tacos’ egg-hummus basis is full of flavor, fiber, and protein to kick off your day. And you can alter the toppings according to your taste or use up ingredients you may already have in your pantry. I’ll provide you with a lengthy list of toppings below.


I used plain Hummus this morning howHummus would love to make these tacos with my other favorite four varieties of Hummus. I’m thinking thHummus cilantro jalapeno flavor is a great choice!

I cooked a simple batch of scrambled eggs; however, you could also do whole-fried eggs or add other ingredients to the scrambled eggs, such as diced green chilies.

Pickled red onions helped make the Hummus Breakfast Tacos pop; however, if you don’t own one of those, chopped green onions could be perfect substitutes.

Cotija cheese is the most common white cheese with a crumbly texture used to top tacos. However, there was none in my fridge; therefore, I used the feta I had instead. Feta has the same texture and salty kick as Cotija, so it was an easy substitution.


I’m normally a corn-only kind of person in the case of tacos. However, something about the Hummus made me cravHummusflour tortillas that are softer now. This is why I don’t believe there are any rules to follow regarding food items. You can eat whatever you like. However you’d like, and don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t. 😉


Here are some additional fantastic taco toppings

Protein: in place of Hummus, consider red beanHummusblack beans bacon sauteed in sauteed ham or chorizo.

Cheese eggs and cheddar are a perfect match, so that could be my next suggestion!

Vegetables: jalapenos and chopped tomatoes, green onions, sauteed bell peppers, avocado, thinly cut red radish Pico de Gallo.

Sauces Lime Crema hot sauce ( Cholula would be fantastic), Guacamole, salsa, enchilada sauce, buffalo sauce


Eight small tortillas ($0.80)

2. Tbsp of butter ($0.12)

Eight large eggs ($2.00)

One pinch of salt with pepper ($0.05)

1 cup of Hummus ($1.50)

Optional Hummusgs

1/4 bunch cilantro (0.20)

14 cups pickled red onions ($0.07)

1 oz. feta or cotija cheese ($0.55)


Toast the tortillas in a dry skillet on medium heat or in an open gas flame until they are browned around the edges.

Crack the eggs in an ice cream bowl. Whisk until the eggs are well-mixed. Pour the butter into the skillet in a large pan and let it melt on a medium-low flame.

Once the butter has been melting and foaming, Pour it into the whisked eggs; the eggs should be gently smashed with care not to stir too much until they’re almost dry and set. Sprinkle with some salt or pepper.

Take the skillet off the heat and make the tacos. Spread around 2 Tbsp Hummus on the middle of each tortilla. Next, add one egg worth of scrambled eggs. Followed by the toppings you prefer (cilantro, pickled red onions, and crumbled cheese). Serve right away!